Bihar Pyaj Bhandaran Yojana 2024 : Online Apply Documents Eligibility Benifits And Last Date

Bihar Pyaj Bhandaran Yojana 2024 : Online Apply Documents Eligibility Benifits And Last Date

Bihar Pyaj Bhandaran Yojana 2024 : The Bihar government has taken a significant initiative to develop an extensive onion storage system. The state government has initiated an onion storage scheme, providing subsidies for onion storage. This scheme ensures onion storage in the state, benefiting the people once again. If you are a resident of Bihar and considering establishing an onion storage house, you may receive a subsidy of 4.25 lakh rupees from the Bihar government for its construction. This will enable you to open an onion storage house at a very low cost. Today, through this article, we will provide you with complete information regarding the Bihar Onion Storage Scheme, so that you can apply under the Bihar Onion Storage Scheme and avail the subsidy for onion storage houses. Let’s delve into the details of the Bihar Onion Storage Scheme.

Bihar Pyaj Bhandaran Yojana 

The Bihar government’s Horticulture Directorate, under the Department of Agriculture, has initiated the Bihar Onion Storage Scheme as part of the vegetable development plan. Under this scheme, farmers will be subsidized for constructing onion storage facilities. These storage houses are designed to preserve onions for extended periods, preventing them from spoiling. The primary benefit of these onion storage houses is that farmers can choose when to sell their onions in the market, ensuring better prices and higher profits. Under the Pyaj Bhandaran Yojana, the Bihar government is providing subsidies of up to 75% for the construction of onion storage houses. Farmers are required to contribute only 25% of the expenses for building these facilities. By opening onion storage houses, farmers can safely store their harvest and also provide storage facilities to other farmers. Through this scheme, farmers in the state can generate significant income by establishing onion storage houses. To avail of the onion storage scheme under the Bihar government’s vegetable development plan, farmers will need to apply online.

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Bihar Pyaj Bhandaran Yojana Objective

As we all know, many times due to the lack of proper prices for onions, farmers discard them on the roads and protest, and often the prices of onions skyrocket. In such a situation, if there is proper storage of onions, farmers will benefit fully. Their onion crop will not be wasted, and they can also get good prices. Therefore, the Bihar government will provide subsidies for onion storage construction under the Vegetable Development Scheme. So that farmers can build onion storage at very low cost. Under this scheme, farmers in rural areas can also build their local storage. Constructing it will earn you a good profit from the government, and you can also earn a good profit from the storage and auction of onions.

How much subsidy will be available for onion storage houses?”

The Bihar government is implementing a vegetable development scheme, under which subsidies are provided for onion cultivation and also for onion storage construction. The Horticulture Directorate, Department of Agriculture, Bihar government, will provide subsidies for the construction of onion storage houses with a capacity of 50 metric tons under this scheme. The unit cost for a 50 metric ton capacity onion storage house has been determined by the government. Beneficiaries will receive a subsidy of up to 75% from the government, which amounts to Rs. 4.50 lakh. This means that if farmers construct an onion storage unit under the onion storage scheme, they will only need to spend Rs. 1.50 lakh from their own pocket.

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Bihar Pyaj Bhandaran Yojana Eligibility

The applicant should be a resident of Bihar state. Farmers from the state are eligible to apply for this scheme. Farmers who want to construct onion storage under the vegetable development scheme are eligible for this scheme. The applicant farmer’s bank account should be linked with the Aadhaar card.

Bihar Pyaj Bhandaran Yojana Documents

To apply for the Onion Storage Scheme, the applicant farmer will need the following documents:

1. Aadhaar card

2. Residence certificate

3. Caste certificate

4. PAN card

5. Ration card

6. Details of land for storage

7. Copy of land records

8. Farmer debit card number

9. Mobile number

10. Passport size photo

11. Bank account passbook

12. Email ID

How To Online Apply Bihar Pyaj Bhandaran Yojana 2024

If you are a vegetable producer farmer in Bihar and wish to apply for constructing an onion storage house, you can apply online for the Onion Storage House under the Vegetable Development Scheme by following the process below.

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1. Visit the official website of the Bihar government’s Department of Agriculture.

2. On the homepage, navigate to the “Schemes” option.

3. Select the option for “Apply for Vegetable Development Scheme” under the schemes operated by the Bihar Department of Agriculture.

4. After clicking, you will see key details related to the Vegetable Development Scheme. Read them carefully and click on “Agree and Continue” to proceed.

5. A new page will open where you need to enter the farmer’s debit registration number and click on submit.

6. Upon clicking, the application form will appear. Fill in the required information accurately.

7. After entering all the information, you need to upload the requested documents.

8. Finally, click on the “Submit” option.

9. After submission, you will receive an application receipt, which you should print and keep safe.

By following these steps, you can easily apply for the Bihar Onion Storage Scheme 2024.

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