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How To Claim Insurance

Insurance Claim Process Step By Step

Insurance Claim Process Step By Step

Hey guys, Mark Flockhart here today we’re gonna talk about insurance claims, how you file them, how they work and how to work with an adjuster to get the right return that you want to get for your vehicle for your home. It’s really, really simple. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna talk about claims first, how they get filed. So when you have either an independent agent or a direct agent, it doesn’t matter if you call 1 800 progressive or Allstate dot com, no matter what you do, you’re calling what’s called the claims adjuster. And that claims adjuster is going to take care of that claim, their job and if they’re the right company, if they’re rated really well, then their job is just to get you through it as smooth as possible, verify your coverage, make sure you have the right coverage for that claim and then to get you out the door, get your car fixed or get your car replaced, hand you a check as quick as possible. 

Get Insurance Claim

That’s their goal. It costs them more money to either a lose you as a customer or be delayed the claim because then you’re talking online. I hate these guys claim so horrible and then maybe two or three people don’t join them because of that. And that’s thousands of dollars for these people. So the point of claims is they’ve got to get you through as quick as possible. They know that you’re probably gonna be a little bit of emotional through this situation and you’re gonna make sure that they handle it correctly. When you file a claim, my recommendation, if you have an independent agent call them first, They’re gonna walk you through the steps, it’s only gonna take like five minutes for them to explain the situation. 

Claim Process

They’re gonna check your coverages and make sure you’re covered because if you call 1 800 progressive over 1 800 farmers or whatever that number is you say, oh I hit a curb and it was $800. We’re getting an estimate now or I don’t have an estimate. That person is just typing it on the computer. They’re entering that claim and whether you file that or not, some companies count that. So they know you had the claim, you said you hit a curb. That’s a risk. They want to know about where you call an agent. They’re gonna be like, hey, wait a minute.

How To check Insurance Company

my check and I was happy now dealing with claims adjusters can be really great, can be really bad. I’m not saying you got to suck up to him, but they do handle your claim. You don’t get a new one unless you complain. And then you got a new guy and he’s in the same office as the first guy. So it’s like, yeah, now that being said, you should never have this problem in the first place because if they’re a good insurance company, if they’ve got good ratings, you’re calling safe Code, you’re calling citizens, You’re calling liberty mutual. You’re calling progressive. 

Find Best Insurance Company

All these guys, these guys are really good at handling claims. They do a lot of them, so it is dependent on the person you’re dealing with. Maybe they had a bad day. It’s not an excuse. Maybe they’re just going through a rough time and maybe they shouldn’t be working there, right? There aren’t, I mean people are in places they shouldn’t be. So you gotta kind of understand, okay, how do I get through this? Why don’t I let you walk me through the process and that’s the best way to handle an adjuster. 

Let them This type of in that you gave us, this is what this car would sell for today on a used lot and that’s what they’re going to pay you if you have upgraded things or they don’t know about things that’s where you have to go back and forth. I personally have been through it. 

How To Claim Insurance

I had a claim, it end up totaling out my car. It was only like a $3,000 car But I ended up getting about 33 or $3400 back Above what they were asking. So I got an extra $3 or $400 just cause I had to argue a little bit with them. And it said, Hey, wait a minute, I put a remote start in this car. It wasn’t a cheap one. It was like a $500 unit. I paid for someone to install it. I put it in. So they turned around and said, okay, well let’s take a quick look at it and within about a day or so they approved it. They said, yep, we get it. The typical one for that stock car that came stock, they usually default to stock. So even if you aftermarket put it in, that doesn’t necessarily increase the value. But I agreed the $307 was worth it. So we were both good

Step By Step Claim Proses

they’ve done all day long. Even if they’re having a bad day, it actually makes them feel good to have someone that just depends on them. Hey, I had a claim. What do you recommend? Should I take it to a specific shop? I have a guy I prefer to go to. Oh yeah, no problem. You can bring it to your guy. Okay, great. Should I get a rental car and do I need one? 

Is it covered? Oh, don’t, you know? And they’ll walk you through and they’re like, no problem. Here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna get some photos. It’s gonna take a couple of days and they’re gonna walk you through that process. If you go that route, I can pretty much guarantee you that it will be seamless. You will follow the steps. Now. The timeframe, I’ve had a few customers of mine that have called in a week and a half later and they’re like, this is ridiculous. I don’t get ahold of anybody. And I’m like, well, how many times did you call him? Well, I, I just called him the one time if for some reason your claim goes two days and you don’t know anything, you don’t know what’s next. You haven’t talked to the body 

Why insurance Claim Important

Anyways guys, I hope this was helpful, definitely share this with anyone that you know is going through the claims process. If you have questions, please put them in the comments below. I am very, very curious to know if you guys have gone through the claims process, what have you found? I’ve gone through it twice in the last five years, one not at fault, one at fault, sorry, on me, but I loved him. I mean I didn’t love them because it was a claim, but they were quick guys. If you liked it thumbs up. If you want to know more about this insurance advice tips tricks all that stuff, how to save you guys some money definitely subscribe otherwise. I will see you in the next video.

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