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how to claim my two wheeler insurance

how to claim my two wheeler insurance.

how to claim my two wheeler insurance.

The process varies depending on the cashless and reimbursement claim types in case of theft claim. 

Follow these steps immediately. 

Filed an fir and inform your insurer submit your to villa documents. 

If the vehicle is in traced within a certain period, the police will issue a non traceable certificate basis. 

Step by step insurance claim

This the insurable settle claim under total loss category and pays up to the I. D. V. In case of third party claimed Follow these steps immediately informed the police and your insurer, The insurance company will forward your claim to insurance claim Tribunal Court for verdict after registering it. After verification, the insurance claim Tribunal court will decide the amount to be paid.in case of own damage claim. Follow these steps informed the insurer about the damages and investigating officer will be appointed to examine the damages. 

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Insurance Claim proces

After survey, the officer sends an approval to Network Garage to start with the repair work. The repair expenses will be settled by the insurer directly with the garage. 

Two wheels insurance claim

In case you availed the services from a network garage in case of a non network garage and shorter reimburses the amount as per the terms and conditions of the policy. Visit www dot policy bazaar dot com where you get to compare and choose from a wide range of two wheeler insurance policies. So before buying two wheeler insurance, compare and save on policy bazaar dot com.


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