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NPS New Login Rules

NPS New Login Rules 2024 : Instead of the current method of logging in with user IDs and passwords, the Central Record Keeping Agency (CRA) system of the National Pension System (NPS) is introducing an authentication system based on Aadhaar. This Aadhaar-based authentication aims to enhance security measures in the CRA system login process, thereby safeguarding the interests of subscribers and stakeholders. To delve deeper into the new login rules for NPS, refer to the article below.

New NPS Login Rules 2024

Starting from April 1, 2024, the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) intends to revamp the existing login process for National Pension System (NPS) accounts. In response to the escalating instances of online fraud nationwide, PFRDA has introduced an extra security measure for NPS accounts. This entails the option for Aadhaar authentication with dual factors, which is now facilitated by PFRDA.

NPS Login Rules Objectives

By April 1, 2024, the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) intends to revise the existing login process for the National Pension System (NPS) in light of the increasing incidents of online fraud nationwide.

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NPS Login Rules Features

The pension regulatory organization has unveiled an enhanced security system. Effective from April 1, 2024, all users accessing the NPS’s Central Recordkeeping Agency (CRA) system with password credentials must utilize the newly implemented two-factor Aadhaar authentication. This Aadhaar-based authentication aims to bolster security measures during the login process of the CRA system, safeguarding the interests of subscribers and stakeholders with additional protective features.

“Recent NPS login regulations: Exploring the two-factor authentication process for Aadhaar.”

Aadhaar-authenticated transactions have become significantly safer and more dependable with the implementation of a two-factor authentication system. This system introduces additional verification steps to validate the fingerprint’s authenticity, further reducing the risk of spoofing attempts.

The current login procedure, which relies on User ID and password, will be integrated with Aadhaar-based authentication according to the recent circular from PFRDA. This will introduce two-factor authentication for accessing the NPS CRA system.

New NPS Login Step By Step Process 2024

To log in, visit the NPS Official Website and choose the ‘Login with PRAN/IPIN’ option. A new window will pop up when you select the PRAN/IPIN tab. Enter your user ID and password, along with the Captcha. An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number, and the window will prompt for Aadhaar authentication. Enter the OTP to complete the process and gain access to your NPS account.

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NPS 2-factor Aadhar Authentication 

To implement 2-factor Authentication using an Aadhaar OTP (one-time password), User IDs belonging to Nodal offices within the Government Sector (Central/State/CAB/SAB) need authorization to access the CRA system (CRA & NPSCAN). For users to initiate Aadhaar Mapping, the Oversight Office (PrAO/DTA) must initially associate their Aadhaar with their designated CRA User ID. Likewise, for DDOs to commence Aadhaar linking, PAO/DTO must connect their Aadhaar with their respective CRA User ID.

NPS Login Rules 2024

Here are the key features of the NPS New Login Rules:

1. Enhanced Security Measures: The PFRDA is committed to safeguarding the interests of stakeholders and NPS customers by implementing an additional layer of protection.

2. Reduced Risk of Unauthorized Access: With the implementation of two-factor authentication, the CRA system significantly minimizes the risk of unauthorized access, ensuring that only authorized users can gain entry.

3. Aadhaar Integration: Government Nodal Offices are now required to link their CRA User IDs with their Aadhaar login credentials. This integration allows the use of Aadhaar OTP for authentication purposes.

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4. Streamlined NPS Operations: Government agencies and Autonomous Bodies are urged to swiftly establish the necessary infrastructure for Aadhaar-based login and authentication for all NPS transactions, ensuring a seamless transition process.

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